Hunt For Life 

In July 2000, Tripp was diagnosed with a life threatening brain cancer. He spent two years in and out of hospitals receiving four bone marrow transplants along with maximum chemotherapy and radiation. 

During the days of his treatments, when possible, Tripp's parents would take him out of the hospital to go on hunting or fishing adventures. This allowed him to escape the harsh realities of needles and feeding tubes.

Today, Tripp is a cancer free, young, and vibrant boy. The Hunt For Life idea came about when we saw the positive effects these adventures had on Tripp's spirit and overall attitude towards his ordeal. 

During the last four years HFL has had the opportunity to impact many people in a positive and uplifting way...reaching out to children with life-threatening illnesses,   adults with life-threatening illnesses with children under the age of 16, and children whom have lost a parent either to an illness or tragedy. HFL provides these families with a fishing or hunting adventure and the chance to build a

lifelong relationship in a beneficial environment

The Origins.